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My travel anecdotes through photologues… Moments captured through the lens to preserve them as memoirs. Documenting my memoirs to share stories and images from my travels. 

My love for travel started at the age of 18 yrs, when I went out on a journey away from my home-state, but soon it became my passion. Since 1993, I have been visiting many places within India, initially solo trips, then trips with friends and now with family.  These blogs, anecdotes & photologues are the compilation of my various travel stories & images.

Hope you would enjoy reading them & going through with me to my memory lanes. Each of them equally important and still feels like as it was only yesterday though they happened during different phases of my life. 

Trek to Pandukholi, - Uttarakhand

This short trip was planned with two other friends. Not very far from Mukteshwar, we arrived at the nearest roadhead by post noon and started the climb asap. 3-4 hrs uphill trek is moderate. Pandukholi is a lesser known place with just a small Ashram with few rooms for the night shelter.

A welcoming Bugyal/grassland when you reach the top of the mountain, clubbed with majestic Himalayan landscapes around. A sight to remember. We spent a night there to soak in the moments, to feel the positive vibrations of an unadulterated ambiance. An ideal destination for a short trek and a night out camping in Kumaon Uttarakhand. One can pitch one’s camp around if you wish too.  Basic food, made on an open fire mud stove, is available in Ashram.

Trip date – NOV 2019

Bhainsrorgarh - Rajasthan

One of the historical places in Rajasthan, but lesser known as it does not fall into the commercial tourist routes. A 2 hrs drive from Kota would take you to this offbeat destination.

A fortified outpost of the kingdom of Mewar that included Chittorgarh and Udaipur, Bhainsrorgarh  has a remarkable history. The Fort is strategically placed on the confluence of river Chambal, on a steep slate ridge about 200 ft high and Brahmani, a tributary river. Boat ride gives a magnificent view of the fort, starting from one end to another. One can see the common sight of fishing by locales. A short hike through Fort wall to Brahmani river side is just amazing.  Sighting a crocodile and gharyal is not a novelty here. 

Trip date – OCT 2017

Garadia Mahadev - Rajasthan

Has this name sound familiar? If you have not been to this place while on a road trip in Rajasthan, you have definitely missed something which could have turned out to be the highlight of your trip. A breathtaking view to behold you! Wish the sky wasn’t gloomy at that  day, the pictures would have been made the justice of my statement. 

Peaceful surroundings, spectacular scenic beauty and mesmerizing views of the Chambal River, gorge and the plains. At Garadia Mahadev, Chambal river making a horse shoe shape. Merely 50 kms drive from Kota, 7-8 kms off to the main highway, through the forest of Mukundra hills tiger reserve, you reach this location. 

Trip date – OCT 2017

Sharda Sagar Dam - Pilibhit

Have you been to Sharda Sagar Dam close to Pilibhit? Those who have visited Pilibhit Tiger Reserve must have heard of it. On one of the banks of this reservoir, the Chuka Zone is located, also known as chuka beach. The reservoir is the source for irrigation water to Pilibhit and other parts of north Uttar Pradesh. 

Covering a 25 square kms, Sharda Sagar Reservoir is an interested place during winters when migratory birds flock here, but throughout the year, it also serves the purpose of a commercial fishing site for bulk supply. We spent couple of hrs with the Fishermen and visited their facilities too. End of the visit was marked by an amazing sunset view at the reservoir.

What a memorable trip we had!!!

Trip date – FEB 2016

Jaggery En Route

How often do you take unplanned stops during the road trips? Well for me, this is the part of the road trips – the liberty of taking unplanned stoppages gives more time to explore.

Last leg of winters and you have such sights of jaggery making units, mostly on the state highways close to Delhi NCR. This time we  Stopped over on our way to Pilibhit Tiger Reserve. We had a curious child on this family trip. A short visit to unit en route and his all questions were answered. A regular sight for most of the people but for some especially for kids, a subject to explore. We stopped over so that he can get the answers by himself, enabling us to make a quick buy of fresh Jaggery. At the end, everyone was happy. 

Trip date – FEB 2016

Parmarth Niketan - Rishikesh

Have you ever experienced staying in a spiritual Ashram? Well, Parmarth Niketan at Rishikesh is one of the oldest Ashrams situated on the bank of holy river Ganga. The ghat offers a splendid view of the river and the other side of the river bank. 

It was a family trip over the weekend and during our stay of two days, we did Yoga and explored the town through long walks. But the highlight of this weekend trip was the stay at Parmarth Niketan and experiencing the spiritual evening, the Ganga Aarti at the ghat of Parmarth Niketan.

Trip date – OCT 2015

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